Marmati has launched its first hero products — gym rings — using recycled, natural, and bio-based materials. Despite our equipment being cleaner and greener, they’re the strongest and safest on the market!

Below, you’ll discover interesting facts about the materials we use. Going eco doesn’t have to compromise your workout. In fact, it can improve it.


Marmati products that contain metal are made with 80% recycled or low carbon aluminium. They also include 10% of the metal that’s left over from the production process (lending further weight to our upcycling scheme).

94% of our high-tenacity yarns are crafted from recycled materials. Our wooden gym rings are made from sustainable PEFC certified Baltic plywood that originates from forests that are grown to be harvested commercially.

Aluminium can be recycled forever.

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Bottles become high-tenacity fibres.

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Made from only top quality birch veneers.

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Honourable to the core

We believe in a sustainable supply chain that respects Mother Earth, values its workers, and bolsters communities through economic prosperity. Our own family heritage is proudly rooted in manufacturing, dating all the way back to 1990s Slovakia.

We don’t talk about “Fairtrade” because its very ethos is a norm in Slovakia. Everything is done ‘by the book’. We never abuse. We never cut corners.

91% of the metal found in Marmati products is made at our very own steel company, located in the Prešov region of eastern Slovakia. 304 kilometres away, to the west, an innovative plant creates our straps.

Manufacturing is the heart and soul of our native country — with it comes high social value and respect. Employees are well-compensated for their work and live in comfortable conditions, unlike other countries that exploit their staff.

Sunlight is still the best

In Slovakia, 52.7% of the country’s electricity is produced by nuclear power plants, 21.5% by coal and gas, 16.8% through hydroelectric power plants, 8% via renewables, and 0.4% from other sources. If you do the math, 80% of the electricity in Slovakia comes from carbon-free generation (most from nuclear power plants).

At present, there are two nuclear power plants operating in Slovakia — Jaslovské Bohunice and Mochovce — and they produce over 15,000 GWh of electricity annually (or 53% of the volume). Nuclear energy is reliable, predictable, and boasts low CO2 emissions, but we believe solar to be more eco-powerful thanks to independency of its usage.

Slovakia is leading the way in the cleaner energy race — it’s why the Financial Times included the country in Europe's Climate Leaders 2021 ranking. However, until we can install our own renewable energy generating technology at out manufacturing plant and office, we cannot become 100% fossil fuel independent.

Marmati’s goal is to realise net-zero fossil fuel generation in less than 5 years. By 2027, our electric energy consumption will become carbon neutral.

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