Garbage gymnastic rings by Marmati are the best so far, by a lot. We could say that all adventurous men should have a pair.

These world's first recycled gymnastic rings give you the strength that you need during your adventurous workout.

Why fast-clip connection?

Quick-release buckles, usually used by climbers, provide the most efficient and user-friendly locking and length-adjusting mechanism on the market. Now, you never have to get frustrated with unreliable, pliable, breaky, ugly, average buckles again. Let simplicity inspire you to be active.


I have these great, world's-first recycled gymnastic rings for workouts not only in the gym, but also with me in the car, so I can exercise anywhere 🤙🏻

Maroš Molnar - 1st Forbes Slovakia Influencer ‘23,’22,’21

I received NEW first recycled gymnastic rings by Marmati and I love them. You can feel a good quality of rings, which will give you more control and strength during the workout. You can choose straps in different colours. And the set up is the easiest I've seen till now.

Nina Strojnik - Strength and Flexibility Coach

We use them a lot! I don’t have any recommendations. They are the best rings I’ve used. 😀👊🙏

Al Kavadlo - Fitness Coach

Truly the best rings I have used, and I have used all of them. The handcrafted quality is apparent the second you touch these rings. They are nothing like the Amazon options. These rings are a master crafted work of art. You deserve to take over the ring world.

Raymond Encizo (@thenoodnick) - Coach, Calisthenics Pro

I really like the small details on the rings themselves that I haven't seen on others, for example the quick-release buckle or the ends of the bands so they don't fray. These are also made from recycled materials.

Boris Valihora - Athlete, trainer, consultant, author of How to Gain Muscle

Marmati is very open about their manufacturing and about the supply chain. Very transparent brand.

Calisthenics Worldwide - High Quality Calisthenics Blog


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