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Marmati is brought to you by the Slovak steel manufacturing company Interkov Steel, co-owned by brothers Maros and Dusan. Our headquarters are in the town of lindens, driven by a diverse and talented team. 

Our father started his career in the steel industry in 1999. A lot of things changed since then, but our relentless focus on details stays the same. Perfectionism circulates in our blood vessels the same as the desire to do something meaningful for the future of our civilisation.

Our exclusive equipment strengthens the body and character. The unique colour-coded journey system initiates a change we want to see on our planet. We unite a tribe of passionate individuals who want to create a better world.



MARMATI introduces the world's first recycled gymnastic rings

In an exemplary convergence of cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness,
Marmati is delighted to announce the launch of the world's first-ever Garbage Gymnastic
Rings. Cultivated from recycling, these gymnastic rings have been crafted to redefine fitness,
all while standing at the frontiers of sustainability.

The unique innovation aligns with the company's commitment to contribute towards an eco-
friendly, greener planet while ensuring customers' workouts are of unparalleled quality. The
recycled garbage gymnastic rings seizes the spot of being the best gymnastic rings ever
produced in the market.

Marmati has always been passionate about delivering high-quality fitness products. With the
introduction of recycled gymnastic rings, the company continues to cement its vision of
providing robust, vibrant, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fitness equipment.

Gymnastic rings have gained widespread popularity among fitness enthusiasts around the
globe due to their versatility and profound impact on strength, flexibility, and endurance. Inspired by this rising trend, Marmati has seized the opportunity to add a shade of green to this robust fitness tool.

Beyond sustainable innovation, Marmati has reimagined the training experience of gymnastic rings. By introducing a quick-release buckle, traditionally used by climbers, this innovative brand simplified setting up and adjusting the length of straps. Now, you never have to get frustrated with unreliable, pliable, breaky, ugly, average buckles again. Fact clip connection provides the most efficient and user-friendly locking mechanism on the market. The minimalistic design, combined with the natural essence of Marmati's materials triggers a human’s fundamental instinct to keep moving.

By refining garbage into high-quality gymnastic rings, Marmati is striking a balance between
environmental consciousness and the pursuit of fitness. This pioneering product is set to
revolutionize the fitness industry, opening horizons for sustainable fitness gear.


Marmati 7 journeys present development projects for a better world. We champion individuals, organisations and charities that improve peoples lives and better Mother Earth through our unique colour-coded journey system.

When you exercise with Marmati, the product colour you choose connects to a cause.

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