Exercise Rings
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Exercise Rings
Exercise Rings
Exercise Rings
Exercise Rings
Exercise Rings

Exercise Rings

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Feel as if your body lost some weight and got stronger at the same time. The most ergonomic gymnastic rings on the planet Earth connect directly to your body to create intuitive training flow.



  • We make the weightless handle from recycled aluminium by a traditional method of sand casting.
  • The application of the sand casting method for manufacturing allows us to conserve natural resources and save energy.
  • Sand casting is an environmentally friendly process where 99% of materials can be recycled.
  • The handle is finished with sandblasting and powder coating for the highest comfort.
  • Powder coating is a recyclable, solvent-free coating method, meaning it does not produce harmful compounds or create air pollution.
  • The total weight of one weightless handle is 750g.
  • Built with corrosion-resistant and strong aluminium (85%) and softening silicon (9%).



  • Natural plywood rings are sourced and made in the EU.
  • We use waterproof plywood sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Waterproof plywood enables us to avoid the need to paint the rings, which makes it even more sustainable, natural and skin-friendly.
  • We make plywood rings in 2 thicknesses, 28mm and 32mm.
  • Made using the CNC machining method of production.
  • CNC machining guarantees exact dimensions all around. This is not guaranteed with regular gymnastic rings from other brands.


      Our gymnastic rings are the gold standard if you're looking for the special gymnastic, cross-fit or calisthetics workout. Perfect for strength building, upper body development, suspension training, and joint alignment. 

      A fatter wooden ring brings a more challenging workout. It is better for developing strength in your grip, while our wood ring with FIG sizing is standard for gymnastic competitions. Weightless handle is made for the best experience ever, considering safety, performance and comfort.

      94% of materials are sourced in Europe and manufacturing takes place in the European Union, following the block's strict Fair Trade Policy. Recycled and sustainably sourced materials used in this product are 4.6 times more expensive than the unsustainable ones used in average gymnastic rings. On average, workforce and energy costs in the EU are 2.4 times more expensive than in China. With Marmati gymnastic rings, you are not only choosing a better future for you, but also for generations to come. Learn more about our sustainable practices and our commitments to reduce our impact.



      Length x Width  Thickness 
      Aluminium handle (Crossfit specs)

      235mm x 235mm

      9.25" x 9.25"



      Wood handle (FIG specs)

      235mm x 235mm

      9.25" x 9.25"




      5000mm x 38mm

      196.85" x 1.5"




      60mm x 50mm 

      2.36" x 1.96"





        Tensile strength Max Load (kg)
      Aluminium handle 9kn  900 (2000 lbs)
      Wood handle 1.3 kn 130 (280 lbs)
      Strap 9.5kn* 950 (2100 lbs)
      Buckle 4kn 400 (880 lbs)

      *Please bear in mind that the strap tensile strength may vary depending on the surface it is hanging on.

      We think you'll like this product. But if not, send it back within 45 days after delivery for a full refund, no worries. None.

      Package includes: Set of 2 handles, QR tracking code, digital user manual.

      You purchase supports sustainable supply chain that respects Mother Earth, values its workers, and bolsters communities through economic prosperity.

      I have these great, world's-first recycled gymnastic rings for workouts not only in the gym, but also with me in the car, so I can exercise anywhere 🤙🏻

      Maroš Molnar - Certified Fitness Coach, 1st Forbes Slovakia Influencer

      I received NEW first recycled gymnastic rings by Marmati and I love them. You can feel a good quality of rings, which will give you more control and strength during the workout. You can choose straps in different colours. And the set up is the easiest I've seen till now.

      Nina Strojnik - Strength and Flexibility Coach

      Truly the best rings I have used, and I have used all of them. The handcrafted quality is apparent the second you touch these rings. They are nothing like the Amazon options. These rings are a master crafted work of art. You deserve to take over the ring world.

      Raymond Encizo (@thenoodnick) - Coach, Calisthenics Pro

      We use them a lot! I don’t have any recommendations. They are the best rings I’ve used. 😀👊🙏

      Al Kavadlo - Fitness Coach


      A strong grip can significantly enhance performance for exercises on gymnastic rings. Our weightless handle connects directly to your body thanks to the sophisticated shape of the handle with complex geometry. It feels like an extension of your palms.

      Transform your body

      Our weightless gymnastic rings, designed to cater to various fitness levels, can enhance your strength, flexibility, and endurance. The latest advances in ergonomics enabled us to design a unique shape of the handle that helps to improve the exercise experience significantly and make you feel lighter.

      Soft Contact

      The sand structure of the surface prevents slipping during exercise, especially if your hands are sweaty. We achieved the sand structure using the sand casting method of manufacturing. Marmati's weightless handles prioritise safety and performance, ensuring effective, yet comfortable workouts.

      Feel the natural touch

      Wooden rings provide a natural feel liked by many athletes. Beyond just a natural feel and soft touch, our wooden gymnastic rings provide precise dimensions of the ring all around thanks to the CNC machining method of manufacturing.

      No harmful chemicals

      Our wood rings are made from waterproof plywood and we don't need to apply any chemical surface treatment to protect the surface. This detail, yet unseen in gymnastic rings, keeps the surface 100% natural and moves the experience of exercise to new heights.


      The weightless handle is made with scrapped and melted-down aluminium parts

      We focus on circular manufacturing processes that have high recyclability. Sand casting has a huge potential to achieve this circularity. It is a traditional technique of metal parts production by pouring molten metal into the mould cavity formed in sand. Generally, it is an environmentally friendly process where 99% of materials can be recycled. When we take the aluminium out of the mould, it remains extremely recyclable.

      The lighter, the better for the planet

      The weightless aluminium handle is built with corrosion-resistant and strong aluminium (85%) and softening silicon (9%). Our aluminium handle combines low weight with high strength, which is standard, especially for automotive and aeronautical applications. Considering the whole lifecycle of any component, the lighter it is, the less environmental impact it leaves behind.

      Aluminium can be recycled forever

      Our weightless handles are made from aluminium that comes partially from recycled material. It could be a can of your favourite lemonade in the past. We need some proportion of virgin aluminium to ensure proper strength and durability. Weightless handles for gymnastic rings can survive generations to come. But when it reaches its end of existence, our descendants can easily repurpose it. 

      When it comes to sustainability, material choice is crucial


      Washed and shredded plastic bottles into flakes are then melted down and forced through the extruder. The plastic that comes out of the extruder is cut into small particles to form granulation.


      Every year billions of PET bottles are collected across Europe, before being compressed into bales and sent to recycling plants. The plastic bottles are sorted by the type of plastic they're made from. The material that we use is made from clear PET bottles.

      rPET YARN

      The granulates are shoved through hot pipes and melted into a thick liquid. That liquid flows through the dye plate holes to form filaments. Once the filaments pool and harden, these are sent over rollers with air entangling the filaments to create a floss-like yarn. In short, spinning is turning the granulate into durable rPET industrial yarn. The resulting yarn is ready to be woven into our high-tenacity straps.


      We use recycled aluminium ingots for manufacturing of weightless handle. The ingots are placed into a melting pot, heated until molten, and then poured into the sand moulds until filled.


      Wooden rings are made from only top-quality birch veneers laminated together with no filler wood. All the used wood comes from certified or controlled forests. Marmati ensures responsible forest management through the PEFC forest certification processes of our manufacturing partners.


      Locally made from recycled materials


      Become stronger version of yourself


      Enjoy easy setup and length adjustment


      Train anywhere, under any conditions


      Orders from our EU and Global store are shipped from our warehouses in Slovakia, Europe. UK orders are shipped from warehouses in the United Kingdom for the most efficient and eco-friendly method of delivery.

      It takes 2 business days when shipping to Slovakia, 2-4 business days when shipping within the EU, and 9 - 14 business days when shipping outside of Europe.

      We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over 100€.

      If you're in the EU then no import duties will apply. If you are outside of the EU, we are not responsible for customs/duties charges. These costs are determined by your local customs office. From 1st January 2021, the UK is no longer part of the EU. The UK orders are fulfiled from the local fulfilment centre, there are no extra taxes, customs and duties charged.

      If there is something not quite right, we have a 45-day no questions asked returns policy. The 45-day period starts on the day products are delivered. Please email us at hello@marmati.com to start a return.

      There are multiple excercises that can be performed on gymnastic rings, at any places. You just need to hang straps correctly. Please read one of our journal articles to learn some exercises, click here.

      Sure, Gymnastic rings by Marmati are compact and fit in most backpacks and bags.

      You can perform more exercises on gymnastic rings than on bars solely. Gymnastic rings can be set up to any length and this increases or decreases the intensity. Last but not least, you can train anywhere.

      Yes, our gymnastic rings are suitable for outdoor and indoor workouts. Our wood, aluminium, straps are weather resistant. When straps get wet, it causes no harm to them.

      Our team is ready to answer any questions you have. Please contact us via our contact us page.