Welcome to Marmati, where we pioneer innovative fitness solutions that align with our unwavering commitment to protecting the planet. Backed by extensive research, innovative designs, and an eco-conscious strategy, we revolutionize the fitness gear market with our world’s first recycled garbage gymnastic rings.

Founded with an aim to transform the traditional fitness industry, we wanted to create something unique, versatile, and sustainable. With this vision, we developed our first product — the innovative Gymnastic Rings. Made entirely from recycled materials, these rings not only provide a versatile workout tool, but contribute to waste reduction and environmental conservation.

At Marmati, we seize the opportunity to turn a global problem into a product of tremendous value. Our Garbage Gymnastic Rings demonstrate two distinctive qualities: offering superior fitness solutions and embodying Marmati's drive towards sustainability. By choosing Marmati, you choose to participate in a journey that promises fitness and respects the health of our planet.

Quality is at the heart of everything we create at Marmati. Designed to be the best gymnastic rings ever, our recycled garbage rings maintain a perfect balance between durability, user- comfort, and eco friendliness. We're dedicated to providing our customers with a product that exceeds their expectations in every aspect while making them active contributors to environmental sustainability.

We invite you to join us at Marmati: for a fitness experience that empowers you, betters the world, and paves the way for a future where sustainability and fitness will forever intersect.


Each product has more than one life

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment. You can find out more about our sustainable approach in the sustainability chapters.

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We bring training experiences that improve lives and respect the planet. The products that we reimagine connect directly to the body to create intuitive training flow.


Our father started his career in the steel industry in 1999. A lot of things changed since then, but our relentless focus on details stays the same. Perfectionism circulates in our blood vessels the same as the desire to do something meaningful for the future of our civilisation.


Our exclusive equipment strengthens the body and character. The unique colour-coded journey system initiates a change we want to see on our planet. We unite a tribe of passionate individuals who want to create a better world.

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