We didn't want to do it. But now, we meddle into the business of others.

When we searched the globe for raw materials, we always asked suppliers a list of tough questions: “Where is it made?”, “How is it made?”, and “Who makes it?”. Only the producers who delivered honest, authentic answers made the Marmati grade. While we could have partnered with much cheaper manufacturers, our philosophy means everything.

Marmati gymnastic rings cost 6 times more to produce than big brand gymnastic rings made in China.

But when climate change is of such concern, we must all make an effort to find a solution. By making our equipment the way we have, we can monitor every step of the production process.

Sure, it might be complex, and sometimes more expensive, but we rest easy at night knowing we’re doing things the right way. We believe in quality over quantity. All our products are imbued with integrity.

Materials that matter

Marmati products that contain metal are made with 82% recycled aluminium. They also include 13% of the metal that’s left over from the production process (lending further weight to our upcycling scheme).

57% of our high-tenacity yarns are crafted from recycled materials and 43% are bio-based. Our wooden gym rings are made from sustainable Baltic plywood that originates from forests that are grown to be harvested commercially.

Smarter shipping

Compared to the air industry, shipping is a minor contributor to the total volume of the world’s atmospheric emissions. Improvements in engine design, as well as ships that carry bigger cargo loads, has dramatically enhanced fuel efficiency.

Marmati has reduced CO2 emissions by choosing sea freight over air. We transport products from our factories to our warehouses via cargo boat instead.

We’ve also decreased our impact by choosing aluminium over steel (because steel can measure three time the weight of its lighter counterpart). The lighter the product, the lower the carbon footprint from shipping. It’s that simple.

Certified on Blockchain

Marmati uses state-of-the-art blockchain technology to track every aspect of production — from sourcing materials to the manufacturing process to when the item arrives at your house.

Every single one of our products has its own digital identity which remains with it across the duration of its life. This includes information about the supplier, materials, origin, model number, and even the user instructions.

Our customers can track their purchase with confidence and know that it’s authentic. This ‘physical meets digital’ revolution is an exciting part of the Marmati brand and contributes to the consumer experience.

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