Marmati was founded with an honest desire to make the best sports equipment possible. But most of all, that equipment needed to be affordable, eco-conscious, and socially mature. A gamechanger in the fitness world.

Our design is minimalistic and elegant. It speaks directly to the body in a way that drives action and fuels life with endless energy. Design foundations are created on sustainable and reliable materials that ensure maximum durability and safety. The natural essence of our materials triggers human’s fundamental instinct to keep moving. We design products and services that are inherent part of every adventurous and healthy life. 


Our first hero product are gymnastic rings, because they give you a dynamic and unbeatable workout. They’re also some of mankind’s earliest tools (appearing in a Persian gymnasium more than 3000 years ago). The first modern gyms that arose in Germany were an outgrowth of the Turnplatz, an outdoor space for gymnastics founded by German educator Friedrich Jahn in 1811. The first indoor gymnasium was probably the one built in Hesse, Germany, in 1852 by Adolph Spiess.

The new standard

The first ring ropes made for the Olympics were woven from hemp! Nowadays, plastic is the most common material (because it’s cheap, durable, and lasts the distance), but it’s not so great for the planet.

At Marmati, we were inspired to think outside the box and make an evolutionary leap! So, we laid a new blueprint for centuries to come with our very special gym rings.

Environmentally conscious

Our gymnastic rings are created from bio-based and upcycled materials that are kinder to the environment, while delivering significantly increased strap strength. They’re sustainable, good looking, and last the distance. What’s not to love about that?

Tested to perfection.

At Marmati, safety is our top priority. We test a range of materials, under the same extreme conditions, before we give them the greenlight. We measure tear and friction resistance, elongation under pressure, maximum load, and bending levels.

Our products can handle tonnes of weight, as opposed to kilos, which is what makes them so very special.

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