In today’s challenging world, the pressure is on! Nobody is perfect, even if they have the best intentions. We all make mistakes. We’re all here to learn.

Marmati promises to continually improve, whether that’s pushing our suppliers to be more transparent, spreading our eco message, or looking at ways we can reduce our impact. All these things can make a difference. Nothing is extraneous.

We’re 100% honest and upfront with our community, that’s why we’d like to present a list of where we think we can do better. It might take some time to make these improvements, but please know that we care.


Not carbon neutral yet

Although 80% of the electricity we consume in production comes from carbon-free generation, our goal is to reach a 100% green energy target.

Welding issue

Welding plays an important role in the manufacturing of sports and fitness equipment. Unfortunately, this high-temperature processes emits fumes and gases that result in air pollution. Shielded metal arc welding is dangerous for both workers and the environment. According to Trumpf research, manual metal arc welding causes the highest potential environmental impacts in the categories of global warming, acidification, eutrophication, and photochemical ozone creation. Our welders are experts in gas metal arc welding or metal inert gas (MIG), and gas tungsten arc welding, also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG). The gas and fumes that come from these processes are considered much less dangerous.

Marmati hasn’t solved all of problems that are created during welding but it’s something that we’re working towards. Ventilation is the most effective way of removing welding emissions, so this is an area of focus.

Availability of recycled aluminium

We aim to use 100% recycled aluminium in our ergonomic version of handles. These recycled casting material are not yet available in our region, so we make our ergonimic handles from virgin aluminium.

We can still do better

Apply the latest inventions to the production

We are constantly monitoring new advances in steel manufacturing, particularly carbon-neutral steel. HYBRIT (Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology) is a joint venture between Swedish steelmaker SSAB, energy company Vattenfall, and iron ore miner LKAB. This exciting initiative replaces fossil fuels, both in the production of the steel’s iron pellets and in the removal of oxygen.

SSAB, LKAB, and Vattenfall say they will begin full industrial production of this innovative new steel in 2026. It’s something we look forward to.

Become 100% powered by clean energy

Within 5 years, we hope to install renewable solar energy generating technology at our manufacturing plant and office, aligned with Slovakia’s actionable plan. This will result in us reaching our net-zero fossil fuels target, transforming Marmati into an ultra-green brand.

Decarbonise welding

We aim to implement the most efficient welding emission methods by combining LEV and dilution ventilation. We will always search for technologies and equipment that make us more eco-friendly.

Design new innovative fitness equipment

While gym rings and parallel bars are our first products to launch to market, we’ll also develop other eco-focused sporting goods. Marmati is in the process of designing a collection that supports sustainable agriculture, responsible energy, and BIOUP materials.

What each of us can do

As the world turns more conscious of the need for environment friendly alternatives, Marmati brings to you the new face of fitness - Garbage Gymnastic Rings. These gymnastic rings, fabricated from recycled waste, aims to bridge the gap between fitness and environmental sustainability.

Marmati's innovative new product is setting a new standard for fitness equipment, proving that it is possible to create high-quality, durable, and functional supplies while remaining mindful of its environmental footprint.

The garbage gymnastic rings provide a rigorous workout regime, focusing on strength, flexibility, and endurance. The robust nature of the rings ensures an array of challenging exercises that engage your muscles and core, aiming to cater to the diverse requirements of different fitness regimes.

The artistically designed rings are not just manufactured with sustainability in mind, but also adeptly crafted considering user comfort. Marmati's garbage gymnastic rings guarantees a superior grip, comfort, and flexibility, hence ensuring a safe and efficient workout experience for fitness devotees.

By opting for Marmati's eco-friendly gymnastic rings, fitness enthusiasts can now work towards their health goals while simultaneously contributing to a greener, healthier planet. Marmati indeed takes fitness to a revolutionary frontier, where achieving your fitness objectives and adopting environment-friendly practices go hand in hand. This is the echo of a colossal shift in the fitness industry - and Marmati stands as the proud vanguard.

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